‘Recruit Like Crazy’ Webinar Replay Available to Promote!

Hey Team,

I just wanted to let you that the Recruit Like Crazy webinar REPLAY and sales letter is READY for you to PROMOTE at http://pureleverageleaders.com/recruit-like-crazy

When you promote the Recruit Like Crazy event, be sure to add your Pure Leverage ID to the end of the url like this http://pureleverageleaders.com/recruit-like-crazy/?id=YOURID (just substitute YOURID for your ID)

IMAGINE sponsoring 28 Reps, building a team Of 183 people & growing a monthly residual income Of $2,732.81 in only 19 days using nothing but the Internet..

…& then helping your TEAM members do the same…

Well you can too, once you MASTER the five (5) step formula for recruiting like CRAZY…

**I’m just creating a CAPTURE page and autoresponder series for this webinar sales letter which VIP Syndicate members will be able to ACCESS so you can set up your COMPLETE funnel…

More details on VIP Wealth Academy trainings (Pure Leverage Bonus) coming very soon.

Leave me a quick comment below so I know you’ve seen this video and if you have any questions.

We’re moving forward FAST as a team… and exciting stuff is about to happen 🙂

Click Here for the Recruit Like Crazy Webinar Page to Promote

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford Pure Leverage

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Pure Leverage Recruit Like Crazy

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Want to learn how-to ‘Recruit Like Crazy?’
“FREE Webinar Reveals: 5-Steps To How I Sponsored 28 Reps, Built a Team of 183 People & Grew a Monthly Residual Income Of $2,732.81 In Only 19 Days Using Pure Leverage…”
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