Opportunity For Pure Leverage Leaders

One of my GOAL’S is to turn this Pure Leverage Blog into a HUGE resource for people both looking to join the Pure Leverage Opportunity and also people who are already involved with Pure Leverage, from other teams… and our team.

Over the last 7 days… the Pure Leverage Leaders blog has had 737 VISITORS to it… and that number will rise DRAMATICALLY as we start to rank for various Pure Leverage related keywords…

Pure Leverage Blog Stats

Over time, we’ll have thousands of visitors coming from all walks of life… not only visitors who are interested in Pure Leverage… but also people who are looking for a PRIMARY business, tools, trainings and leadership…

Now IMAGINE if you are an author on this blog, who creates VALUE added trainings on certain topics related to Pure Leverage… and at the bottom of your blog posts, you have a BIO back to your own personal blog, Facebook, Youtube etc…

It would be quite POWERFUL wouldn’t it?

Not to mention you’ll also be TRAINED by me to create strong SEO posts and trainings which get the eyeballs on them…

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I have a HUGE opportunity for six (6) people right now (from our team) to become AUTHORS, trainers and teachers on this blog.

If you’re successful, you would create 1-2 trainings each week for the blog… and would be allocated a username and ID to access the site. Your ROLE would be to create TUTORIALS on specific areas of the Pure Leverage Opportunity.

Let’s just say your topic was the Pure Leverage CONFERENCE software… then you’d record videos, and write blog posts of tutorials showing people HOW to do certain activities using that tool.

I will also give you ACCESS to our Pure Leverage Leaders Youtube Channel so you can upload your videos directly to there… and then EMBED them into your blog posts…

So, here are the TOPICS available:[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Latest news (new calls, announcements, breaking news etc)
  • Lead Capture System
  • Video Email Service
  • Conference Room
  • Authority Blog
  • FAQ’s (Monitor FB group, create posts with the answers on the blog)[/green_plus_list]

If you’re in charge of the Lead Capture System, then you’d create tutorials on how to do certain things… the BEST way to do this is to BRAINSTORM a list of FAQ’s or questions that people may have related to the product… then create a tutorial for it.

The Latest News would be a quick post / video each time the main Pure Leverage site gets updated, or if a video or latest webinar comes out… then you’d blog about it.

The FAQ’s would be to basically MONITOR the Facebook group for questions, and then create a BLOG post around that question with the answer…

…this way, you begin to make yourself the GO TO person when people have a question, which is GREAT because it means you attract people and position yourself as a leader

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]How To Apply For The Role…[/headline_arial_large_left]

This will be done an an APPLICATION basis… so, here are the instructions:

  1. Leave a COMMENT below and let me know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for which category you’d like to take on.
  2. Let me know why I should choose you for that category

That’s it… I’ll then choose the people I think will be able to carry out the role, and will message you individually.

Of course, by becoming an AUTHOR on this blog, I’ll also TRAIN you on how to create strong SEO posts to get the most eyeballs on them… so you will LEARN a lot from being part of this process.

You will also become an EXPERT in the specific area of Pure Leverage, which will help your knowledge and credibility…

So, all that’s left to do, is to LEAVE a comment below, let me know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of topics, and let me know WHY I should choose you for the category.

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford Pure Leverage

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Be sure to give me a call if you have any questions. I will help you and then you will JOIN the person who referred you to this site.

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