Pure Leverage Fast Start Guide

Please Note: This FAST START guide has now moved to your VIP Wealth Academy back office with your VIP ‘LITE’ trainings and also your VIP Wealth Academy full training program.

Congratulations & welcome aboard the VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Team!

It’s fantastic to have you with us… I’ve put this FAST start guide together to help you find everything you need FAST to begin promoting and using Pure Leverage.

As a member of our Pure Leverage at BASIC level ($24.95), there are a number of steps you need to follow to get things set up correctly.

When you UPGRADE to VIP Syndicate level with Pure Leverage, you will be upgraded to our FULL VIP Wealth Academy program…

There are seven (9) steps you need to go through to get your basics set up. You can then look at setting up your system once the following things are in place.


  1. Join our MEMBERS only private community and register for our basic team trainings and support
  2. Pay your $19.95 reseller fee so you can earn 100% commissions
  3. Upgrade to VIP Syndicate level
  4. GRAB your Pure Leverage affiliate link
  5. GRAB your team affiliate link to promote our team site
  6. Begin Promotion & GRAB your Swipe Copy messages
  7. What to do when you sponsor a new team member
  8. What to do when your new member upgrades to VIP syndicate level 2
  9. Go through the trainings in the VIP ‘LITE’ package on this site

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Please Note: This FAST START guide has now moved to your VIP Wealth Academy back office with your VIP ‘LITE’ trainings and also your VIP Wealth Academy full training program.

If you have NOT yet received your login details for our private community and members area, please contact us at the Helpdesk here.

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford Pure Leverage

[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Got ANY questions about Pure Leverage or want to talk to someone about joining our team, then please get in contact with me using the details below.

Please Note: If you decide to JOIN our team, then you MUST join under the person who referred you to this website. (You should already have clicked through their link, so you’ll be assigned to them).

Be sure to give me a call if you have any questions. I will help you and then you will JOIN the person who referred you to this site.

On Facebook / Call: UK 020 8133 8946 OR USA (209) 680-4382  / Skype: gavmountford


NOT in our Pure Leverage Best Top Team yet? Here’s what to do…

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Pure Leverage Recruit Like Crazy

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Want to learn how-to ‘Recruit Like Crazy?’
“FREE Webinar Reveals: 5-Steps To How I Sponsored 28 Reps, Built a Team of 183 People & Grew a Monthly Residual Income Of $2,732.81 In Only 19 Days Using Pure Leverage…”
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Pure Leverage Team Site Affiliate Links

If you’re on our Pure Leverage VIP Wealth Team, then this may be the FIRST time, you’ve seen our Pure Leverage Team site… I hope you like it 🙂

So, let me just explain a little more about HOW it all works…

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#990000″]Send Your Prospects To The Team Site[/headline_arial_large_left]

When you’re speaking with your prospects, you can send them to our Pure Leverage Review site and YOU will get the credit when they sign up… so you can use this site as massive LEVERAGE, to educate your prospect on what Pure Leverage is, and how it works…

Over the coming months, we’ll be building this site into a HUGE resource for:[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Our Pure Leverage Team
  • Other Pure Leverage Members
  • Your Prospects to learn more[/green_tick_2_list]

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#990000″]How Does This Pure Leverage Review Site Work?[/headline_arial_large_left]

So, when you send your prospects to this Pure Leverage review site, you are able to use your ID to the end of EVERY page or post on the site.

Let’s say you wanted to send your prospects to our Pure Leverage Bonus Package page… what you would do is GRAB the url, which is http://pureleverageleaders.com/pure-leverage-bonuses-package/ and then add a little bit of code to the end of the URL… like this:


(All you need to do is FIND your Pure Leverage ID and add it to the bit which says YOURID… so an example.

What will then happen, is a COOKIE will get dropped on your prospects computer, which will then TIE the prospect back to your ID… and when they ultimately visit our Pure Leverage Join page, and CLICK on the link, YOUR Pure Leverage ID will be in the sign up link.

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#990000″]Test Your Link To Make Sure It Works Correctly[/headline_arial_large_left]

Before you give your prospects a link to the Pure Leverage Team site, you will probably want to TEST it to make sure it tracks back to you.

So, what you could do is this:

  1. GRAB your Pure Leverage ID
  2. Add your ID to the end of this URL here – http://pureleverageleaders.com/join-pure-leverage-today/?id=
  3. COPY and PASTE the URL into your browser and make sure your ID is at the end of it
  4. Go to the sign up page, and HOVER over the REGISTER NOW button… in the STATUS bar at the bottom of your browser, you should see a link to YOUR Pure Leverage Sign Up site…

As long as you see the link with your ID in, then it’s all working correctly for you.

Again, YOU can send prospects to ANY page on the site… if they click onto another page, or leave the blog and come back later… it WILL track back to YOU!

NOTE: The ONLY REASON it wouldn’t track back to you is if a user clears their cookies, or if a user clicks on someone else’s Pure Leverage Leaders link… (This is STANDARD in the affiliate world… generally, the person who’s link they click last will get the credit.)

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#990000″]Write A Blog Post & Link Back To Our Team Site Pages…[/headline_arial_large_left]

Pure Leverage Team BlogOne of the most POWERFUL ways to generate traffic to join your Pure Leverage business is to write a BLOG post ,and then link back to one of our TEAM pages…

So, when I create a new page, or blog post on this site and you want to create a blog post for your own blog… you can write a blog post and link back to the specific page, using ?id=YOURID at the end of any of the pages.

If you use some of the SEO POWER techniques, you’re going to learn as part of our VIP Wealth Academy program, then you’ll begin to RANK in Google, and on Youtube very quickly…

…and at the same time, and of your prospects who go to your blog through Social Media, will click your links, come to the TEAM site, look around and may ultimately JOIN your team.

Again… during the VIP Wealth Academy program, I’ll be giving you specific KEYWORDS to write about on your blog. But, right now… just go and BLOG about Pure Leverage, and be sure to link back to our Pure Leverage blog.

IMPORTANT: The content you WRITE on your own blog MUST be UNIQUE content… meaning that you must write the content yourself.

Yes, you can use some of my copy-me posts in the future, but that is DIFFERENT posts to the ones on this site.

YOU MUST NOT copy and of the posts on this site… but you CAN write about them in your own words 🙂

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford Pure Leverage

P.S. If you’ve got a BLOG, or even use your Pure Leverage Blog, go and write a blog post about Pure Leverage right now. Be sure to write it about a specific topic on this blog… so maybe create a Pure Leverage Review, or Pure Leverage Compensation Plan, or Pure Leverage Bonuses blog post and link back to a page on our site.