Pure Leverage Review | Is The $6,740.00 Bonuses Package Real?

Pure Leverage Review

So, why is this Pure Leverage Review any different to others? I guess it’s because it comes from my personal experience after being FULL time online for 7 years…

During that time, I’ve seen a lot of opportunities launch… some do well, and some flop. When I saw the Pure Leverage products / opportunity from GVO and Joel Therien, it made me dig deeper to find out more.

I looked for a Pure Leverage Review at the time, but didn’t find any, because I was one of the first people on board…

Watch This Pure Leverage Video

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One thing that FRUSTRATED me was the fact that I watched Empower Network literally EXPLODE right in front of me, while I sat and watched it on the sidelines…

WHY? Well, because I thought it was a SCAM… crazy eh.

See, I’ve always lived my life by the motto “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is” but in Empower Network case… I was WRONG. Dead wrong…

…and I MISSED out on a HUGE income because of it…

Don’t get me wrong, I jumped in about 8 months later and in ONLY 4 months I made $11,694.30…

Empower Network Payments

BUT… I was DETERMINED that when another opportunity like Empower Network came along.. I was going to JUMP in with both feet, right at the start… and tell my TEAM as fast as possible…

… literally within 4 days of the pre-launch of Pure Leverage, my team EXPLODED to over 65 people…

So, I knew I was on to something BIG… and BEFORE anyone knew about it…

I also LOVED the way the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan was structured and the Pure Leverage Products…

Pure Leverage Review

To find out more about me, who I am and what I do.. you can click this link here to read my bio

Why Did I Join Pure Leverage?

So, the REASON I joined Pure Leverage, and the reason I am writing this Pure Leverage Review is because I BELIEVE in the products, the company, the management and the COMPENSATION plan…

But… I also saw it as an opportunity to get on board something before it went global… and at the same time POSITION my VIP Wealth Academy team, so they could begin to make money too… FAST.

Within a few days, we’d got 3 people in our team on the Pure Leverage Leaderboards

Pure Leverage Review Leaderboards

Things were going CRAZY!

Now, the best thing for me was the VISION I’d seen from the owner of the company (GVO) Joel Therien… I saw a vision that I’d only seen once BEFORE… and that was David Wood and Dave Sharp’s vision for Empower Network…

Now, don’t QUOTE me on this… but I managed to get my hands on a EMAIL which talked more about the future of the Pure Leverage products… and the 100% commission structure… which got me EXCITED!

This was the EXACT email that came across my desk…

When I saw the VISION of Pure Leverage and GVO’s founder Joel Therien…

I’ve typed out the email, and I’ve neatened it up, so it looks good for this page…

Here is the breakdown ….

Level I Product – Pure Leverage Review


1. – All Set Up Authority Blog System

2. – Total Lead Capture System (generic and for pure leverage)

3. – Above intergated with a Full Autoresponder

4. – Video Hosting – Player/Streaming/Conversion Service

5. – Video Email Service

6. – Webinar Conference Room

7. – Plus much MORE

Above will retail for $24.95/month (paying out 100% Commission – see Below for details)

Level II Product – PureLeverage Training


[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Weekly Training and interviews with todays Industry Leaders
  • Next level instruction and motivation on using the Internet
  • Plus much much more…[/green_tick_2_list]

Above will retail for $97/month (paying out 100% Commission – see Below for details)

We will be adding One Time products and training down the road … not upon launch!

Level III – $500

Level IV – $1000

Level V – $2500

(paying out 100% Commission – see Below for details) as we grow down the road.

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Breakdown (below)


This creates the sense of loss and stimulates ALL affiliates to upgrade!

I am sure you see the power in this and Joel Therien is taking this to a next level with this TYPE of product adding REAL usable products (besides just a blog) and a whole level of PROFESSIONALISM.

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So, there you go… that is one HUGE vision… and that’s WHY I joined…

What Are The Pure Leverage Products?

Well… I’d call the Pure Leverage Products, tools all Network Marketers need… and to me… the BEST part about Pure Leverage is the tools and trainings… (along with the pure leverage compensation plan)

Here’s a breakdown of the Pure Leverage Products:

  1. Elite Coaching Program
  2. Easy Lead Flow – Lead Capture Auto Responder System
  3. Video Email Service
  4. Authority Blog
  5. Turbo Traffic Generation
  6. LIVE Meeting Room / Conference Room

Let me go into a little more details about the Pure Leverage tools and trainings..

Lead Capture Autoresponder System

Pure Leverage Review Autoresponder Easy FlowSo, I’ve got 2 autoresponder accounts… Aweber and Send Pepper. I use both. They are both tiered in their pricing model… meaning that the MORE subscribers I get, the more money I have to pay.

With Pure Leverage Autoresponder system, you can have 10,000 subscribers and NOT pay any more… this is a GAME changer for most people who couldn’t afford an autoresponder up until now…[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Build your list to 10 000 subscribers
  • Complete turnkey autoresponder and lead system targeted for your primary MLM or direct response business.
  • Simple “point and click” system, no “techie” experience necessary at all.
  • Tons of professionally designed squeeze pages that convert as high as 50%!
  • Complete ad copy and autoresponder series written for you designed to get your leads to know, like and trust you.
  • Track your open rates, click through rates and conversions in one simple graphical interface.[/green_tick_2_list]

…and the most EXCITING part is the Video Email Service…

Pure Leverage Video Email Service

Pure Leverage Products Video EmailI’m sure you know BY now… that the best way to BRAND yourself online is through video… and the best way to sponsor someone into your business is to build a relationship with them… and the best way to build a relationship with them is to speak with them FACE to FACE or on Skype / Google+

Well… when you’re communicating with people via regular text email, they don’t get to SEE you, therefore it’s harder to build that relationship.

But… when you can record a QUICK video, shoot an email and have them watch you on screen… that breaks down ALL barriers! and that’s what you get your hands on in PureLeverage.

The ability to send Video Emails to your prospects…[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Video email autoresponder.
  • Professional custom made video mail templates.
  • Make a deep connection with your prospects.
  • Stay in touch and build rapport.[/green_plus_2_list]

An Authority Blog

Pure Leverage Products Authority BlogIt doesn’t matter if you’ve already got a blog, if you use an Empower Network blog, or if you don’t have a blog… because as part of the Pure Leverage System, you get your very own Authority Blog

Basically, an authority blog is a blog on a website which has very HIGH rankings in the search engines… so you can write about a certain topic and have your blog posts RANK high in Google and the search engines…

This way you get to generate massive TRAFFIC back to your opportunity.[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Your very own high converting blog and website designed to make you the “leader and go to person” in your primary business.
  • Tips and tricks on becoming an instant authority and leader in your marketplace.
  • Generate maximum conversions into leads, traffic and sales!
  • Sleek, Professional Done For You Designs.
  • Keep 100% profit.[/green_plus_2_list]

And, for me… saving the BEST till last…

Live Meeting / Conference Room

Pure Leverage - Live Webinars and Conference RoomsI’ve been doing webinars and online conferences for the past 3 years, and have made TENS of thousands of dollars selling products using webinars…

The BIGGEST hurdle for most people doing live conferences online has always been the COST.

I mean… GoToWebinar costs something like $59 per month ALONE for 100 seats…

But, NOW.. it’s all changed with the Pure Leverage Live Meeting Room… which you get as part of the Pure Leverage Products and Marketing Suite for just $24.95 per/month…

To be HONEST… the quality is as good as GotoWebinar,if not better and I’ve used both.

And Pure Leverage has more features… and you can easily BRAND the conferencing software to yourself, by using your own BANNERS in your meeting room.

Here’s what you get with the Pure Leverage Conference Room[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • 100 seat Meeting Room
  • Push PowerPoint
  • Share your desktop
  • Engage Multiple speakers
  • Broadcast video and movies to your attendees.
  • Take live on the spot polls.
  • Record full audio/video of presentation.
  • Compatible with ALL operating systems.
  • Chat, videochat and voicechat with your attendees[/green_plus_2_list]

I tell you what… if you can’t build your Networking Marketing business using the tools and marketing suite Pure Leverage has to offer, then you probably NEVER will.

So, Who Is Behind Pure Leverage?

Joel Therien Pure Leverage and GVOWell, one of the reasons I JUMPED in to join Pure Leverage was the fact that it wasn’t a brand new company… and it had a company and person behind it which is trusted by tens of thousands of people online…

That’s why I’ve written this Pure Leverage Review…

Pure Leverage is part of GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) and is run by Joel Therien.

GVO sell web hosting, autoresponders and domain names… and have been key players in the Internet Marketing scene for many years…

In fact, when I was doing my research I found out that GVO has been used by and endorsed by:

Derrick Van Dyke, Tellman Knudson, Mark Call, Michael Cheney, Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime, Frank Raumbauskas Todd Gross, Ken Hammond, Frank Bauer, Jamie Ohler, Mike Koenigs, Phil Basten, Tom Beal, Joel Broughton, Armando Montelongo, Kieth Carberry, Frank Sousa, Ewen Chia, Bram Smith, Gerry Schroeder, Jane Mark, Ken McArthur, Maria Andros, Daegan Smith, Glenn Mosser, and Janet Legere…

(Yes, that’s a LOT of TOP marketers…)

GVO Testimonials Pure Leverage

So, when I saw that… I knew that the COMPANY must be solid…

So, What’s This About Earning 100% Commissions With Pure Leverage?

Here are more details about the Pure Leverage COMPENSATION plan… We pay 100% commissions in total back to affiliates… and YOU earn 100% commissions during the first month your member is active…

Let me show you how this works in this Pure Leverage Review…

The following months, you earn 50% commissions, but you also earn 50% MATCHING bonus from all your DIRECT referrals.. which is incredibly POWERFUL!

See how it breaks down here:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Payout will be 100%:
  • Affiliate Fee will be $19/month ONLY
  • Referring Affiliate will receive 100% commission (first month) on all direct referrals for all products.
  • Starting second month the direct commission is 50% BUT here is the big money.[/green_tick_2_list]

YOU will receive a 50% Matching Check Bonus on ALL Your “personal’ referral affiliates.

SO… if YOU refer say John and John makes $5000.00 YOU will receive a 50% matching check bonus of $2500.00.

If affiliate does NOT own the specific Pure Leverage Products (as they are buying resale rights) the commission passes UP to the next level affiliate in line that does!

i.e. ( John is your affiliate and has the $24.95 product – he does NOT own the $100 product. He refers Mary that gets the $24.95 and the $97 – John would not get the commission on the $97 but YOU would – for life)

Pure Leverage Comp Plan

You can learn more about the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan here…

What’s This About A $19.95 Per Month Reseller Fee?

OK, so because Pure Leverage pays out 100% commissions back to affiliates, there needs to be a small percentage of money going back to the COMPANY… so, there is a $19.95 per/month affiliate fee.

Now, the affiliate fee is kind of like a PROCESSING and Support fee… so if you want to BUILD the Pure Leverage opportunity… (which I’m sure you do), then you need to pay the $19.95 per/month affiliate fee in ADDITION to your regular monthly subscription…

The $19.95 fee isn’t really one of the Pure Leverage Products, it more of a reseller fee

Most 100% commission companies charge you the admin / processing fee…

So, Why Join Our Pure Leverage Team?

Well, right now, we’ve got an INCREDIBLE team growing very fast… in fact 92 members in ONLY 7 days… we are DEVELOPING leaders in our community, and I’m starting to showcase many people who are moving up our RANKS…

In the first week of the Pure Leverage Launch, we had three (3) of our team members at the TOP of the WHOLE GVO and Pure Leverage Leaderboard… and there’s over 14,000 affiliates…

If you’re looking for a COMMUNITY of real open, honest and skillful marketers… who you can work closely with to SUCCEED online, then you’ve found us!

You may have seen the Pure Leverage Leaderboard above…

Upgrade To VIP (Inner Circle) Level & Get $6,740.00 Pure Leverage Bonuses Too…

So, when you join our team at BASIC level, you get a ‘LITE’ version of our VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Bonus…and when you then decide to UPGRADE into Pure Leverage Products VIP (Inner Circle), you will get FULL access to our $6,740.00 Bonus Package.

Let me show you what the FULL Pure Leverage Bonus Package looks like… and you can go and take a look at the Bonus in more detail here.

>>> Pure Leverage Bonuses Package

In fact, you can see exactly what our VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Bonus looks like right here:

Pure Leverage Bonus

Yep, that’s right… when you join our Pure Leverage Team today and UPGRADE to VIP level, you’ll get this full package to teach you how to BUILD your Pure Leverage business..

Sign Up Today & Get The Following Pure Leverage Products…

Join Now


I’m Glad You Found This Pure Leverage Review!

Awesome to meet you, and I look forward to TEACHING you how to build your Pure Leverage business… just REACH out to one of the LEADERS here in our community and click the link below to find out more about Joining Our Pure Leverage Team

[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Got ANY questions about Pure Leverage or want to talk to someone about joining our team, then please get in contact with me using the details below.

Please Note: If you decide to JOIN our team, then you MUST join under the person who referred you to this website. (You should already have clicked through their link, so you’ll be assigned to them).

Be sure to give me a call if you have any questions. I will help you and then you will JOIN the person who referred you to this site.

On Facebook / Call: UK 020 8133 8946 OR USA (209) 680-4382  / Skype: gavmountford


NOT in our Pure Leverage Best Top Team yet? Here’s what to do…

[headline_arial_extra_large_centered color=””]Click Here to Join Our VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Team[/headline_arial_extra_large_centered]

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Pure Leverage Recruit Like Crazy

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Want to learn how-to ‘Recruit Like Crazy?’
“FREE Webinar Reveals: 5-Steps To How I Sponsored 28 Reps, Built a Team of 183 People & Grew a Monthly Residual Income Of $2,732.81 In Only 19 Days Using Pure Leverage…”
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30 thoughts on “Pure Leverage Review | Is The $6,740.00 Bonuses Package Real?”

  1. Hey Gavin, fantastic review and THANK YOU for introducing me to this opportunity.

    When I can write the way you do, I will have made it. 🙂

    Thank you for the VIP Wealth Academy, where I am learning to do this.

  2. Amazing review of Pure Leverage which makes everything so clear to understand. The breakdown of all the products is fantastic and will be great to send to my prospects.
    Thank you for everything that you do Gavin as it makes our jobs so much easier.

  3. Thanks Gavin, this is brilliant – a clear and easy-to-follow review of the Pure Leverage business. I am proud to be a part of the VIP Wealth Academy, knowing that this site will be appreciated by visitors & used by all our teams. Thank you for creating such a great team site 🙂

  4. Hey I am so happy to be part of Pure Leverage and the VIP Team. I can’t believe how easy it has been and Gavin Mountford’s support has made it.

    Since the time I found out about the launch from Gavin, I personally sponsored 10 people that weekend using the Swipe Copies he provided and making them my own.

    Since then, in just over 2 weeks I have built a team of 40, personally sponsoring 20 people. It is exciting to get the emails saying I have a new sign up, but more exciting seeing my team members have sponsored a new person.

    The support I have received from Gavin has been amazing, and I am now much more confident sponsoring and connecting with people. The methods he teaches us in VIP Wealth Academy will support you to recruit people to your Pure Leverage or any other business.

    In my Pure Leverage back office, I have currently accrued £1250 of commissions my first 2 weeks, and am due a $100 or $200 Bonus.

    I would urge anyone considering joining us to do it with our support.

    I am really excited about the tools we have in Pure Leverage and the Support I have here and in our VIP Wealth Academy Community


    Angus J McEwan

  5. The combination of Pure Leverage and VIP Wealth Academy is absolutely perfect. Gavin’s vision and spot on training sets the perfect stage for anyone to succeed. For the first time I’ve been able to build my team before I’ve even thought about paid advertising.

  6. This is the team to join! Working with Gavin Mountford has helped me to move my business forward both online and offline. If you are thinking of joining Pure Leverage, as I have, join with us as this will unlock access to VIP Wealth Academy too. Such a great community to be part of – wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks Gavin.

  7. This is a fantastic opportunity whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out, the combination of Pure Leverage and the VIP Wealth Academy training makes it ideal.
    The tools on offer from Pure Leverage and the training from you Gavin Mountford makes it an opportunity not to be missed.
    By joining the team here you are making the right choice.

  8. Personally, I feel privileged to be a part of Gavin Mountfords team.

    Gavin’s selfless willingness to share his knowledge with our team is incredible. Not only is Gavin
    sharing his knowledge about how to build the Pure Leverage opportunity, but he’s also teaching
    the members of our team how to build their business for the long term. You can’t beat it…

    Also, the group we have together is all made up of people who genuinely care about each others
    success. You have a team celebrating your successes, and picking you up when you need
    a push. Our supportive community is an excellent group of people you’ll enjoy being associated

    With Pure Leverage and the VIP Wealth Academy, you can’t go wrong!

  9. Being part of Pure Leverage has really motivated me to succeed and with Gavin Mountford at the helm there is no reason not to !! He has provided the most powerful tools for us to help us and if we just follow what he teaches we will succeed. He is just an amazing guy and cannot praise him enough for all the help he has provided. You rock Gavin !!

  10. I have been a member of Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars for a few months now. His training is the best that I have seen. When I found out that he was building a team with Pure Leverage, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Gavin truly cares about his team and always goes way beyond expectations. Any time you have a chance to work with Gavin Mountford, do it!

  11. Hi! Joining Pure Leverage with Vip Wealth Academy was a no brainer. Gavin Mountford’s Vip Wealth Academy Team gives me the skills to succeed with Pure Leverage. I’m happy to be part of this great team.

  12. Hey Gavin, As you know I’ve only been online about 6 months so still learning and by joining your team and with the fantastic training and support you have provided I’m already making money and with the pure leverage product, anyone can do it, my first sign up in 2 days and a team being built as we speak. A great review and a strong reason for anyone to get involved in our team.

  13. I am amazed! Gave set up a great Training and Support Community Site.
    Gavin did an Excellent Job with the Team communication, support and Training.
    I couldn’t be happier to work with this Great Team. 🙂

    Thanks Gavin,

  14. I would like to tell you about an amazing opportunity, team and Leader.
    I have been a reseller of tools and systems in the past and I have been looking for quite some time for the right business that would give me ALL of the essential tools under ONE roof.

    When I was told about this opportunity by my friend, Coach and Mentor Gavin Mountford, I knew I had to take a closer look and conduct my due diligence.

    I have known and worked with Gavin for a number of years and I am always amazed by his passion, dedication, knowledge and the value he provides to his team. Gavin has provided some amazing resources for use by his team that has allowed me to present this opportunity to my social media friends in a way that shows them the value of Pure leverage and the value of our VIP Wealth Academy team.

    I have been fortunate to have 10 new business Partners in just the last few days with more seriously considering joining our team in Pure Leverage. I have learned that one of the MOST important aspects of building a solid organization that is going to continue to grow and to last is to have a true team build where all members of the team help one another and we get the support.

    Gavin has created a support community and training curriculum within the VIP Wealth Academy that allows members to share Pure Leverage with prospects and easily transition them into the team and awesome team training. You’re NOT building your business alone, but with a true team.

    To be able to have the tools to build your business and to earn a substantial income from sharing the same tools is truly a win-win situation.

    My suggestion to you is to get on board now and see what Pure Leverage can do for your business and your bank account. When you see what Pure Leverage has to offer at an amazing price and you are ready to join this awesome opportunity….

    I would strongly recommend that you join the TEAM that will help you every step of the way to SUCCEED….the VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage team and you will never look back…

    To your success,

  15. The Pure Leverage Leadership team is awesome.

    Gavin Mountford is an incredible leader, mentor and strategist. He is a visionary, an excellent communicator, knows how to create and support other leaders. He helps our team members reach a position to succeed and then sharpen their skills–even skills that they did not believe they ever had.

    There is great camaraderie among the team members and one cannot feel more supported elsewhere. I am excited to see what’s next with this team!

  16. Testimonial:

    It’s just great to have a revolutionary online tool kit in the form Pure Leverage.

    What makes it so special though is being part of Gavin Mountford’s VIP Wealth Academy with a Team of such great people and their vision to bring it to the World.

    To quote Rocky’s Boxing Coach, Mickey “We’re gonna eat Lightening and crap Thunder”

  17. Pure Leverage sells itself; the Tool Suite is fantastic and the compensation plan amazing.
    VIP Wealth Academy is a great BONUS to joining Pure Leverage with our Team!
    In 8 days, 5 people joined my team as I was using the Swipe Copies Gavin provided ..I invite networkers and marketers to join this opportunity with confidence because I know that they’ll get the necessary trainings to be successful. Gavin Mountford is an outstanding coach and leader!

  18. Hey

    For the last 12 months I have tried various home business opportunity’s and every one of them has failed. I can honestly say that Pure Leverage is THE only program that actually WORKS for me and It will for anyone else. It has led to me building a team of 35 people in little over a week!! if I can do it then anyone can. Hope to talk to you soon Gavin.

  19. Ladies and Gents,

    I have to say that there is something very special about Pure Leverage.

    As an Online Marketer it has a tool suite which is saving me $100’s per month on subscriptions and actually costs me less per month than my current autoresponder.
    As a reseller, I have recruited my first 3 people in less than 2 weeks (and that’s working just a few hours!).

    Gavin is providing a FANTABULOUS team website with Everything to showcase this Opportunity to your Clients – and a Support Group for Every Team Member to ask questions – and learn from the Leader’s responses. PLUS a Team Bonus worth the earth to propel your Business forward ~ whatever it is.(really!)

    Anyone can Jump In here, work with your sponsor and our team and produce results, it is actually easy – every step is outlined, tried and tested for you 🙂 – even if you’ve never done it before with an online opportunity – Just read the team results here ….

    ~ I thank my lucky stars ( and Gavin Mountford! ) that I was in the right place at the right time when Pure Leverage came across his desk. We are Movin’ and Groovin’ here – don’t miss your chance, we’d love you to Join Us 🙂

    Thank You Gavin


  20. Thanx for all the great information Gavin. Anyone with any business acumen can see that this is going to be HUGE!

    Our team is growing faster and faster by the day because all we have to do is tell it like it is. This really does sell itself.

    Your training is awesome and well worth $6740. With all this training the newbies are going to become professionals in no time 🙂

    Lets rock this!!!

  21. I have been online for over a year now and have worked with a number of products, but have never come across something as good as Pure Leverage.

    With Pure Leverage and lessons learnt from Gavin Mountford’s VIP Wealth Academy, my team and I have built a team totalling 42 and this in just over a week and it is growing everyday.

    Never before have I been able to achieve success like this so quickly.

    So, with the Pure Leverage Suite of Tools and the training available in VIP Wealth Academy, you would be losing out big time, if you don’t get on board now.

  22. Talking about opportunity, no doubt PureLeverage is one of the best if not the best opportunity I have seen in the past 15 years and combined with Gavin’s Mountfourd VIP Wealth Academy it’s a “True Leverage, and I am so glad I had the chance to be part of it.

    Now talking about leaders and leadership, I can honestly say, Gavin Mountford is one of a very few LEADERS I know in this industry, that leads by example and with such an integrity. It seems that his passion is clearly only one, helping others succeed and in the same time teaching them to become themselves true leaders.

    Gavin has also found the perfect combination between technology and humanity. It is unbelievable how he has been able to build a true community (that feels like home and supporting each other’s like a true family) using today’s free technology. With VIP Wealth Academy and Gavin’s support and advise he made it so easy for everyone. He is a true inspiration and gives everyone the confidence needed.

    I am truly grateful that I had the luck to meet and work with Gavin Mountford and if anyone has the chance to to work with him and his team, don’t wait, just do it, honestly you will (like me and many others) be so glad you did! Gavin thanks so much for all your commitment and great support, you simply rock!

  23. HI Gavin,

    This is the page that sold me! The sales video with Joel is good, but this page goes into so much more detail and adds even more value to an already ridiculously valuable service. Thank you for putting this together and I plan to show it to all the people I market to. You rock!

  24. Awesome review, Gavin! For myself, the Pure Leverage marketing tools suite and 100% commissions is enough to win me over hands down. However, when I take into account the ridiculously awesome bonuses, training and fully supportive community that you have put together with the VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Team – I’m left kinda speechless. For anybody considering joining Pure Leverage, the VIP Wealth Academy is the only way to go. Super happy to be part of the team.

  25. Hi there, Like Gavin I joined Empower Network six months after it was launched and I didn’t take it seriously. I wasted a lot of time to my regret but having been introduced to Network Superstars it gave me the opportunity to join Pure Leverage/VIP Wealth Academy at a very early stage. This was good for me as I have been more or less grabbing all the trainings etc from the start but it is certainly no disadvantage joining now or in weeks or months ahead – it is evolving all the time and anyone can step into the Pure Leverage/VIP Wealth Academy Training System. It has given me so much knowledge and how to develop a networking business. I am delighted to be part of this great team.
    I think that Gavin’s excellent review is something we can all share in too. Cheers!

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