Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Review – 100% Commissions – How Does It Work?

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Review – 100% Commissions…

OK, so I wanted to go into more detail about how the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan works…

When Pure Leverage say that they pay out 100% commissions all day, every day… they DO… but, it may not be EXACTLY how you think it works…

See, what happens in the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Review is this:

Take a Look At a Graphical Example of The Pure Leverage Compensation Plan…

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

Month 1 – Pure Leverage Pay Plan


  • You get 100% commissions from your DIRECT referrals

So, for the FIRST month you are a member of Pure Leverage, you earn 100% commissions from ALL people you PERSONALLY sponsor. If your members just have the $24.95 Marketing Suite package, then you would earn 100% on that = $24.95


If your direct referrals UPGRADED to the VIP Syndicate package ($97 per/month), then you’d EARN 100% of that also… = $97.00

So let’s say you sponsored 10 people in your first month… and 5 of those people upgraded to VIP Syndicate.


10 x $24.95 = $249.50
5 x $97 = $485.00

Total INCOME – first month = $734.50

Now, let’s move on to Month 2… because things change slightly…

Month #2 Onwards – Pure Leverage Compensation Plan


  • You get 50% DIRECT commissions from your DIRECT referrals
  • Month #2 onwards –  You get 50% matching check of direct sponsors total income

So, now you move into the 2nd month…

Your income from your DIRECT referrals would HALF… so now you’d earn = $367.25 per month from them… + 100% on any new people for that month…

… and here’s the BEST bit.

You now EARN 50% on ALL sales from ALL the people you DIRECTLY sponsored.

So, let’s say from your 10 people… that 3 of them are earning $1000 each, because they’ve bought people in and shared the Pure Leverage Opportunity

That means you earn 50% commissions from EACH of those people… which means that you would be earning:

3 x $500 (that’s 50% of the people earning $1000 each) = $1500 per month + $367.25 per month from your DIRECT referrals… =

$1,867.25 per month in RESIDUAL commissions…

…and that’s ONLY on a few people in your team.

Here’s A Slightly Different Explanation Of The Pure Leverage Pay Plan…

Pure Leverage Pay Plan 100% Commissions

This is how you can make a very lucrative income when you decide to become an instant rapid reseller of Pure Leverage

This unique Pure Leverage Compensation Plan pays out 100% commissions on all product sales, both in unlimited width and depth.

Let’s say that TINA gets herself positioned and enrolled because she joined your team…

You earn 50% of your own product costs each month because you collect 50% of the sale every single month as long as she remains a member.

So, let’s say that TINA goes out now, and recruits MIKE into her team… and over the next 4 weeks, 20 or more people join TINA’s team

At the end of the month, TINA earns $1000 in commissions from the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan.

Now, because you’re TINA’s sponsor, in addition from the residual income you earn from your own sales… you also earn a BONUS check based on what TINA earned…

You get a 50% match of what she made…

So, that’s $500 matching BONUS to you… which is 50% of what TINA earned… and you earn that on TOP of your own sales…

Here’s What Might Happen The Following Month

So, now MIKE, (who is sponsored by TINA), earns $1000 and TINA also earns $1000 in commissions.

Because TINA referred MIKE, she would earn a 50% match, on $1000… which is $500.

Pure Leverage Comp Plan ReviewThat increases TINA’S income to $1500 ($1000 of her own income, and $500 from matching sales)

Now, the great news is that YOU collect a 50% matching check BONUS on all your direct earnings…

This is HUGE…

You get a 50% matching check on TINA’S earnings… and TINA is now earning $1500…

So, that means YOU earn $750 matching BONUS from TINA’s income…

Which means that you’re earning income from both TINA’S income and MIKE’s income…

…and of course, you’ll still be earning 50% from your DIRECT referrals.

So, if your regular commissions from the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan were $1000 before, then you now earn $1,750.00 total…

…and that’s from just ONE person.

You earn income from UNLIMITED width and depth.

That is the POWER of the Pure Leverage Power Line…

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