Opportunity For Pure Leverage Leaders

One of my GOAL’S is to turn this Pure Leverage Blog into a HUGE resource for people both looking to join the Pure Leverage Opportunity and also people who are already involved with Pure Leverage, from other teams… and our team.

Over the last 7 days… the Pure Leverage Leaders blog has had 737 VISITORS to it… and that number will rise DRAMATICALLY as we start to rank for various Pure Leverage related keywords…

Pure Leverage Blog Stats

Over time, we’ll have thousands of visitors coming from all walks of life… not only visitors who are interested in Pure Leverage… but also people who are looking for a PRIMARY business, tools, trainings and leadership…

Now IMAGINE if you are an author on this blog, who creates VALUE added trainings on certain topics related to Pure Leverage… and at the bottom of your blog posts, you have a BIO back to your own personal blog, Facebook, Youtube etc…

It would be quite POWERFUL wouldn’t it?

Not to mention you’ll also be TRAINED by me to create strong SEO posts and trainings which get the eyeballs on them…

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[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]Here Is Your Opportunity[/headline_arial_large_left]

I have a HUGE opportunity for six (6) people right now (from our team) to become AUTHORS, trainers and teachers on this blog.

If you’re successful, you would create 1-2 trainings each week for the blog… and would be allocated a username and ID to access the site. Your ROLE would be to create TUTORIALS on specific areas of the Pure Leverage Opportunity.

Let’s just say your topic was the Pure Leverage CONFERENCE software… then you’d record videos, and write blog posts of tutorials showing people HOW to do certain activities using that tool.

I will also give you ACCESS to our Pure Leverage Leaders Youtube Channel so you can upload your videos directly to there… and then EMBED them into your blog posts…

So, here are the TOPICS available:[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Latest news (new calls, announcements, breaking news etc)
  • Lead Capture System
  • Video Email Service
  • Conference Room
  • Authority Blog
  • FAQ’s (Monitor FB group, create posts with the answers on the blog)[/green_plus_list]

If you’re in charge of the Lead Capture System, then you’d create tutorials on how to do certain things… the BEST way to do this is to BRAINSTORM a list of FAQ’s or questions that people may have related to the product… then create a tutorial for it.

The Latest News would be a quick post / video each time the main Pure Leverage site gets updated, or if a video or latest webinar comes out… then you’d blog about it.

The FAQ’s would be to basically MONITOR the Facebook group for questions, and then create a BLOG post around that question with the answer…

…this way, you begin to make yourself the GO TO person when people have a question, which is GREAT because it means you attract people and position yourself as a leader

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]How To Apply For The Role…[/headline_arial_large_left]

This will be done an an APPLICATION basis… so, here are the instructions:

  1. Leave a COMMENT below and let me know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for which category you’d like to take on.
  2. Let me know why I should choose you for that category

That’s it… I’ll then choose the people I think will be able to carry out the role, and will message you individually.

Of course, by becoming an AUTHOR on this blog, I’ll also TRAIN you on how to create strong SEO posts to get the most eyeballs on them… so you will LEARN a lot from being part of this process.

You will also become an EXPERT in the specific area of Pure Leverage, which will help your knowledge and credibility…

So, all that’s left to do, is to LEAVE a comment below, let me know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of topics, and let me know WHY I should choose you for the category.

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford Pure Leverage

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Be sure to give me a call if you have any questions. I will help you and then you will JOIN the person who referred you to this site.

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CEO & Founder at Networking Superstars!
Gavin Mountford is currently accepting new coaching clients to work closely with him & his team to help you earn $2-10K Per Month Within 3-6 Months in Pure Leverage using a proven formula & 90-day-plan... ( ~ Pure Leverage)

Author: gavinmountford

Gavin Mountford is currently accepting new coaching clients to work closely with him & his team to help you earn $2-10K Per Month Within 3-6 Months in Pure Leverage using a proven formula & 90-day-plan... ( ~ Pure Leverage)

21 thoughts on “Opportunity For Pure Leverage Leaders”

  1. 1] Lead Capture.

    I have struggled for a long time in capturing leads now PL has these capture it. Making it far easier.

    2] Authority blog. Having my own blog up and running I am aware of a few seo tricks that can help you climb to the top.

    3] Latest news. Gavin who would not want. Be the first to put a message out which is going to motivate and inspire. That is rewarding.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    I would really enjoy doing this. I already posted a video on how to set up a capture page in the VIP Wealth Academy. I was figuring things out on my own and wanted to share what I learned with our members. Why should I be considered? Well, it’s very rewarding to me to help others figure out things online it builds success. I already started a Meetup group where Pure Leverage is the tool I am going to focus on sharing. Most of my members want to be online but don’t know how or what to do. I see so many possibilities with Pure Levrage to help people! Can’t wait – my first meeting is March 18. So, I have no problem initiating a learning experience! Now that I have Camtasia I can do a lot more. I think my interests would be in 1.Content development for the blog, 2.monitoring the group for questions, 3. How to use the back office. Thank you Gavin for the potential opportunity!

  3. Hey there Gavin,

    I’d like to write and create videos about the Lead Capture System.

    I was a GVO member for quite some time, and I do know their systems quite well. Though, they
    haven’t got the full email system in place as of yet, Joel did say on the fan page he’s expecting
    that to be done next week sometime.

    I have been in there testing it out and what not though, and though there’s a few changes from their regular GVO system, I’m sure I’d figure it out pretty quick…as I’m quite a techy guy that

    I’ve got a fair history with email marketing as well, so I’m sure I could give some tips along those
    lines as well.

    I’m not going to leave a 2nd, or a 3rd, preference to write or blog about…as I think I could only really do the Lead Capture system justice, when blogging about it.

    Anyways, please consider it anyways…cheers!


  4. Gavin,

    I would love to participate in this.
    My priorities
    1. FAQ’s (Monitor FB group, create posts with the answers on the blog) – I invest a lot of time reading the posts of others and in my day job as a tech support type person have built knowledge bases. I think I would be ideal for this task.
    2. Lead Capture System – I want to become a master at using this for PureLeverage as well as my primary businesses. I learn best by teaching.
    3. Authority Blog – same as above

    I think you should choose me for any of the above, because I learn fast, especially when I am “on task”.
    Secondarily, to make up for the negative I added to the group when I “whined” about the costs to upgrade, etc. I don’t usually do that and I would love to make up for it. I also need something to cause me to “block out time” to learn these things. Am I an expert on any of it yet? Absolutely not. But I would love to be an expert and to be considered an expert.
    I’m not sure what else to say, but I would love it if you would consider me for any of these. As I said above, I think I would be especially qualified for the FAQ portion as I have, at any job I have had in the technical field, pushed for the creation of dynamic knowledge bases and developed a couple of them.
    Thanks again for considering me.


  5. Hi Gavin,

    This is a great idea and opportunity for those that get to do it!

    The categories I’d be interested in covering (but in no real particular order of preference):

    1) Lead Capture System
    2) Latest News
    3) FAQs

    As for why I believe I’d be a good candidate to write on these topics:

    1) I’m the new guy! Who wouldn’t want to hear training from the guy that just started PL
    a day ago? 🙂
    2) I am constantly searching for new or better ways to do something if it is more effecient
    or makes more money,
    3) I believe the best way to learn something is to teach it. So while I will be helping others
    to use new tools to accomplish their goals, I will hopefully become an expert on the
    topic myself.

    Well there’s my stump speech! Thank you again for this opportunity.


  6. Hi Gavin, probably not considered a leader at pureleverage 🙂 But going to throw my hat into the ring as teaching is my trade. I would go for lead capture system, FAQs and authority blog.

    I should be chosen because I am committed to the team effort as I have been running my own blogging facebook group, I am also relatively new to the game so well tuned in to how newcomers feel (this feels like a job interview now). I am also the best looking member of VIP wealth academy hahaha!

  7. Hi Gavin

    If available, I would like to be considered for…..

    FAQ’s (Monitor FB group, create posts with the answers on the blog)

    I am fairly active inside the Facebook groups, and try to help out all I can in there… Often with F.A.Q. type questions, so it would be a natural progression to just take these and add to the site here.

    Conference Room

    I think this is a great service, and l love the way it looks like it is shaping up. I also love the possibility that it maybe used just as a chat room…. not just to webinars, or trainings….

    You can leave it live for members to use….

    I think there will be lots of ways of using this service, instead of just leaving it sat there…. and I would love to share my findings with our community.

    Video Email Service

    This is a service we have wanted for many years…. at a sensible price. I would like to share usage, tips, tricks we find to help people get the most from this service.

    Generally, happy to help the community where I can.


    Jon Barry
    Junior Leader @ NetWorking SuperStars

  8. 1) Latest news (new calls, announcements, breaking news etc)
    2) FAQ’s (Monitor FB group, create posts with the answers on the blog)

    I am organized with an extensive sales and business background. I am a good communicator and a “trained” trainer with time available to provide updates in a timely, clear and consistent manner. I have also done thousands of face to face sales presentations and trainings. I also have extensive experience presenting vis webinar’s. I am interested in building relationships in the IM world as well as developing the skills to be successful online, many of which are only learned by doing them. What better way to do it than helping out others while taking on a leadership role at the same time.
    I look forward to discussing further.

  9. Hey Gavin, Thank you once again for an amazing opportunity to become one of the trainers for this.
    1. Latest News- I have been following your every step and have kept up with any new information that has been posted in your emails and Facebook group.
    2. Video email service- I have my own YouTube channel and have been making videos for training on different subjects and have become very good at it and want to expand my resources and help out more of my colleagues
    3. FAQ’s…This is what everyone is looking for and needs to help them get the training on any new updates or troubleshooting their problems or issues and can have them resolved quickly, and effectively….
    Again, thank you for this life changing opportunity and looking forward to helping more of my colleagues out and also assisting those interested in Pure Leverage, to have a more rewarding and enriched life

  10. HI Gavin this is exciting and I would love to get involved in this. I think I would be good at it because I am confident in teaching and supporting others. Also I love working with the people here and with you.

    I enjoy learning myself and naturally teaching others, and would be happy to write about any of the topics you have identified.

    If you wanted me to say a preferred order, it would be:

    1. Authority Blog. I am confident in Blogging and enjoy helping others with this and will be developing this as my niche.

    2. FAQs – I usually find myself doing this anyway.

    3. Lead Capture/Video System – I will be learning these and happy to teach others.

    Thanks for all your support.


  11. HI Gavin,

    I am interested in Latest News, FAQs, or Authority Blog.

    Why should you choose me??? Honestly, I wouldn’t with all of the great comments written below.

    Choosing me will give me the opportunity to learn directly from you. I am struggling to get anybody to join with me on PL but if I have an opportunity to become an “authority” on it, it could have the potential to have my business explode. I am trying to learn the best way to blog and to learn from you would just add to the Ray Higdon course I am taking.


  12. This sounds exciting and will stretch us. Thanks Gavin!

    #1 Choice: FAQ
    #2 Choice: Authority
    #3 Choice: Latest News

    I am a good candidate for all three categories because two of my gifts (and passions) are writing and teaching. Throughout my years, numerous people have praised me for my teaching skills and ability to quickly research and assimilate information (teachers, professors, managers, students, etc.). But it is not about me. I love drilling down to what my students, clients and audience needs and then imparting knowledge to them. I have a 16-year background in Information Technology and part of my responsibilities have been writing technical manuals, writing both business and technical specs, and facilitating workshops. Lastly, I have been writing a blog for approximately four years.

  13. Hey Gavin,

    Would love to help out and add value to our little community.

    My top three pics are:

    1. Authority Blog
    2. F.A.Q.’s
    3. Latest News

    This opportunity would enable me to share years of blogging knowledge and experience for both the brand new marketer and even for those who have been marketing for a while and need a little focus and direction to take their blog and business to the next level. I love helping others and I would consider this an excellent platform to do just that.

    Thanks in advance Gavin for your consideration,


  14. Hi Gavin,

    Being in Japan, the time difference has made my reply a bit later than some of the others. I have had 2 blogs for approx a year and have ranked both blogs on the first page of Google. I know on and off page SEO. I am also a license partner with Justin Glover and we work together on a sales funnel which looks at lead capture and paid media.

    I have gotten almost 100 leads in a one day and have created videos on solo ads and congruency. I am confident, especially after a recent post on the VIP Wealth page that I know more than most on lead capture (with a focus on paid media).

    That being said, my choices would be:

    1. Lead Capture (I have my own software for lead capture pages, one of which I got an 81% opt-in rate). I am also a member of Auto responder madness by Andre Chaperon and we work on customer avatars, pre squeeze pages, segmentation and the like. Leads are easy to get IMO. But

    2. Authority Blog. As mentioned, I know how to rank on google for mostly free methods for log tail keywords.

    3. Conference room. The main reason I joined Pure Leverage was this. I have always wanted to host Webinars for beginners and prior, Go to Meeting was a bit pricey, but this has given me the platform to do so. I am a teacher by trade and my background is linguistics and culture so I feel I would be capable in communicating in layman’s terms to those new to all things online marketing.

    Whomever you choose I appreciate the chance to do this and look forward to your answer.


    Adam Payne

  15. Love this idea

    1. The Authority Blog

    Why choose me?
    I have authority and expertise for both platforms, love learning and sharing and take great delight and helping people to get the very best out of what they are doing be they a solopreneur or a multi national company and have worked with everyone from an Advertising Agency to a University (I am the guest lecturer for the first social media degree at the University of Glamorgan and have also lectured at Queen Mary University and Oxford University).

    I write intuitively as an ex national journalist (News International before it wasn’t trendy to mention them!) and have written and delivered training courses on copywriting, blogging and wordpress

    I build wordpress sites from scratch and tweak and test the latest changes and plugins to up responses and views and have significant traffic on various sites for myself and clients

    I speak regularly at large events on blogging and its effectiveness and am the resident blogger for the Great British Business Show and Prysm Events

    I have been achieving page 1 of google for some 12 years now in many niches for clients and myself having learned the hard way by doing it and tracking what works

    A teacher qualification means I understand how people learn and will give different learning styles to help people get the best out of things

    2. Webinar Platform
    I regularly run webinars and events online and create training videos to help people get the best out of their platforms – there are over 100 visible on our Youtube channel and even more in our on-line training programmes

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Hey Gavin,

    Thanks for the opportunity. I am very anxious to be of service to our amazing and rapidly growing team.Whatever position I apply for, I would want the content to be comprehensive and offer great value to all members of Pure Leverage and all visitors.

    Since I still work the day job full time and we have so much talent applying for these positions that would have more time to do justice to these topics, I feel that it would not be proper for me to apply for more than one position.

    So, I am only going to apply for the position….”The Latest News” which I know I can DEFINITELY manage to provide great quality content.

    I have maintained team blogs and team sites previously for different opportunities for my team and potential visitors and have created tutorial videos.

    I have a passion for blogging and finished in the TOP 10 the last 2 years in the TOP 50 MLM Blog contest and I know how to deliver value and drive traffic to my blog and will do the same for our team blog.

    Thanks for the consideration….

    What you have created here is awesome and your are an AMAZING Leader and I certainly want to do my part to the best of my ability.

    To your continued Mastery….

  17. Hi Gavin,

    1) Latest News – I have been a content curator for some time as well having skills to quickly pick out the key points and articulate in a simple and snappy manner what needs to be shared.

    2) Video Email Service – I have 3 years experience using Video emails and have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeves on how you can use video email and auto-responders to build relationships and leverage your time better.

    3.) Given my current time restraints, I don’t think it would be conducive to commit to any of the other areas at present.

    Beth 🙂

  18. Hi Gavin,

    What a great idea!

    I’m happy to commit to doing any of the categories. It sounds like fun! I’m pretty fluent in finding my way around new systems like PL and have internet marketing knowledge going back many, many years.

    I’m quite happy making educational videos and good at thinking through how to communicate complex concepts in simple terms, because by profession I am a Life Coach and that a skill set that is part and parcel of my job.

    I know how to set up my blog from scratch, create marketing funnels and I am familiar with what most of the tools in PL are all about.

    I am not claiming to be an ‘expert’ – nor am I a raw beginner! But I AM a communicator, an educator and I am passionate about helping people get the most from their experience of using PL.

    I’m not going to give you a 1,2,3 – since I’m very flexible and I’m happy to give 100% to any job you may ask me to do.


  19. Gavin, this is too great an opportunity to pass up & I appreciate you implementing such a move. I would relish the challenge of participating in this way, however would ask that you be patient to await my full response later this evening. This is to register my interest. Thank you, best regards, Mark HD.

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